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This feature presented courtesy of Barry Nichols

Message from Joseph: When I made my Mego website available to the public, Barry sent me this Excel Spreadsheet of Star Trek products by Mego, Dinky, Knickerbocker, Ertl, Galoob, Hallmark, and Playmates. I was (and still am) overwhelmed with the amount of data. I asked Barry, if I could make it available on this site, and he very kindly agreed. Please, feel free to spread the word about the location of this Page (I'd love for others to have this information, as well.) Thanks, Barry!
In the future go directly to this page using this address:
Message from Barry: Below you'll find the Action Figure/Toy/Ornament/? Guide that I've been putting together since 1993. At this point, it is only in Microsoft Excel in three formats.

'Beam up' the Star Trek Excel Spreadsheet (chose from below)

Last Word from Barry: For those with spreadsheet programs other than Excel, it may be possible to import directly into your program and not loose formatting. I can't vouch for this. Take a look at what files you can import. Older spreadsheets will necessitate using this file saved in previous versions of Excel.
Other format comments, convention comments, etc are held in the readme file. I encourage folks to read it. I ask that you please contact me with any questions, comments, etc.
For those of you wishing to get a copy but not being able to use Excel files, please let me know your situation and I'll see what we can do. Thanks and good luck!
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