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Assortment Number: 51200

Uhura was not originally released with the other five. According to rumors she was added shortly after the others were released to satisfy complaints from women's groups. Because of this, the other five can be found on two different cards. The older ones have the faces of the five crew members (referred to as Series 1) on front and back. The newer card shows an add for other Star Trek Mego Toys (referred to as Series 2/Crew).

I have never seen a Series 1 figure with the newer type of joint. I have never seen a Series 2/Crew, with the older joint. Go to 'Overview' Page to read and see the difference between the two Body Types (this section is not yet completed in the "Overview Section"). On this page I also have information about packing ratios and other great information. The boots of all of these are made as part of the foot; this was not done on any of the other eight figures, which is too bad.

Eventually, I will get better pictures of each on the figures, on the card and loose, but for now this is all I have. Many of these pictures have been taken from other sources.

STTMP 12.5"
KirkStock No

Most Action figures fans will tell you Captain Kirk is very hard to capture in soft plastic. Mego did an excellent job on the likeness, arguably inferior only to the Andorian and Romulan in Mego's Star Trek line.
Accessories: Blue Phaser, Blue Communicator, and Black Accessory Belt
Mego Kirk
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SpockStock No

Great Likeness. Very popular figure, but, of course, Spock is probably the easiest likeness of the Star Trek crew.
Accessories: Blue Phaser, Blue Communicator, Blue Tricorder, and Black Accessory Belt
Mego Spock
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McCoyStock No

McCoy's likeness is also a fine example of what Mego did so well. Although not perfect, it's as good a likeness as I have seen of DeForest Kelley.
Accessories: Blue Phaser, Blue Communicator, Blue Tricorder, and Black Accessory Belt
Mego McCoy Card Mego McCoy
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UhuraStock No

This one is probably the worst likeness of the bunch, although not terrible. Most Star Trek Mego fans still like her, since she is probably the hardest of the crew to find and the only (obviously) female of this group. It's a shame that the communications officer doesn't have a communicator. Well, it's probably because a belt would mess-up her mini-skirt. What's a fashion conscious Starfleet girl to do?
Accessories: Blue Tricorder
Mego Uhura
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Scottie/ScottyStock No

Some have questioned his likeness, but I think it looks very close to the way Scotty looks in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" where he looked younger (this one being the first episode for Jimmy D.) Of course, Mego did misspell Scotty on both the five-face and six-face card.
Accessories: Blue Phaser, Blue Communicator, and Black Accessory Belt
Mego Scotty Card Mego Scotty
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KlingonStock No

Some say he looks like one of the animated Klingons, and I happen to agree. Many have used this similarity to show how the animated series influenced this toy line. He has the same outfit and accessories as the Gorn and the same accessories as the Romulan. This is convenient since there are probably as many of him as Kirk and Spock, so you shouldn't have to pay more than $30 to $50 for him, MOMC.
Accessories: Red Phaser, Red Communicator, and Black Accessory Belt
Mego Klingon
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