Mego Star Trek: The Motion Picture 12.5" Figures

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This page is far from finished. Like the 3.75" Page, I was anxious to get this page started. I still need lots of pictures for it. Below are images of four of the six 12.5" figures. The six that were created for ST:TMP were Kirk, Spock, Ilia, Decker, Arcturian, and a Klingon. The detail and likenesses on these dolls are very nice, and I am very impressed with them. So, come back soon and watch the progress of this page.

One interesting side-note on these figures, there is something nicknamed 'Mego-disease' that effects this scale figure. Some of them grow mold which may be a result of the type of paint used on the figure. The mold shows up as green, brown, or black blotches on the figure. Also, I understand there was suppose to be a 12.5" McCoy that was never released.

The Five figures below (from left to right, top to bottom) are Kirk, Ilia, the Acturian, and the Klingon.

ST:TMP 12.5 Inch Kirk ST:TMP 12.5 Inch Spock ST:TMP 12.5 Inch Ilia ST:TMP 12.5 Inch Acturian ST:TMP 12.5 Inch Klingon

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