Mego Keeper, Neptunian, Gorn, and Cheron

Cheron Neptunian Keeper Gorn
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Assortment Number: 51203

These figures were made in much smaller numbers than the crew and Klingon and are sometimes referred to as Series 2/Aliens. Although somewhat easy to find, they can call for quite a hefty price. Even more difficult to find are these four on Series 3 cards (see 8" Rarity write-up on 'Overview' Page.)

KeeperStock No

Although there was not an Alien named the Keeper that looked like this figure (the Talosian was called 'The Keeper' in the episode called "The Menagerie" and the longer version called "The Cage") the figure does look like Balok's False Image (from "The Corbomite Maneuver"). Perhaps that's what Mego intended for this figure, although the outfit is rather strange. But it's great to have a figure that looks like Balok, since he is surely one of the most memorable aliens from the series.
Accessories: None
Mego Keeper
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NeptunianStock No

Although there were no Neptunians in Star Trek, perhaps Mego was influenced by 'The Aquans' in the animated series. Most Neptunians that I've seen have had the green on their wings faded out. Mego used a scaly 'body suit' on this one. It gives a very nice effect, and at the same time covers the Mego joints. Mego also did a nice job giving him gloves and boots which are his webbed hands and feet.
Accessories: Green Webbed Boots and Gloves
Mego Neptunian

GornStock No

Many people complain about the Gorn because Mego simply used the Lizard from the Superheroes line (although he's brown instead of green and is lacking the tail) and the Klingon outfit and accessories. Aside from the color of the Gorn, however, I don't mind the Gorn. They should have left him green, since in Arena the Gorn is green. The outfit, although not correct looks very 'primitive' like the clothes he wore in the episode. The sculpt, although not exactly like the Gorn, is not too far off. I would rather have a Mego Gorn to a Mego Mugato. Perhaps, the Mego Gorn gets so much criticism because it is often compared to Playmates' 5" Gorn which is one of Playmates best 5" figures.
Accessories: Red Phaser, Red Communicator, & Black Accessory Belt
Mego Gorn
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CheronStock No

It is quite fortunate that the Cheron is Bele. One can tell since he's black on the right side, and, therefore, obviously superior. (Mego must have known this when they designed him.) Too bad they didn't give him a gray outfit, that would have been much simpler than this two tone outfit. To bad they didn't give him hair. The biggest problem with the Cheron is that the white on his outfit often turns yellow and later black or a dingy brown (as shown in the picture below right). So if you have one, keep it away from excessive heat and bright light. This could have been Mego best with a little more thought on their part. Well, so much for superiority..
Accessories: One White Boot and One Black Boot
Mego Cheron Loose Mego Cheron Damaged
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