Mego Romulan, Talos, Andorian, and Mugato

Mugato Talos Andorian Romulan
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Assortment Number: 51204

These are the rarest of the Mego figures, sometimes referred to as the Series 3/Aliens. They were only manufactured for a short period of time, Shortly after producing these figures, Mego discontinued their Star Trek line, in favour of the upcoming Star Trek: The Motion Picture toys. For those of us lucky enough to have these, they are the cornerstone of our Star Trek collection.

RomulanStock No

This is the best likeness (of actor Mark Leonard from the episode "Balance of Terror") of the fourteen, the rarest of all Star Trek Mego figures, and probably the most sought after of all Mego's (Star Trek or otherwise.) The picture below shows the Romulan without his helmet.
Accessories: Red Phaser, Red Communicator, Black Accessory Belt, and Brown Boots
Mego Romulan Loose
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Talos/TalosianStock No

Besides the outfit and boots, the Talosian only problem is that his head is not shaped right. Mego had the right idea, though, and this one's OK. You can easily help the Talosian by making a silvery-gray robe for him.
Accessories: Orange Boots
Mego Talosian Loose
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AndorianStock No

This is the best of the fourteen. Good likeness, good costume, great antennae. I think more collectors like this one, too, because there are very few trading hands. It is ironic that they chose to model him after Thelev from "Journey to Babel" because Thelev was not a true Andorian but an Orion spy.
Accessories: Brown Gloves and Boots
Mego Andorian Loose
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MugatoStock No

What was Mego thinking! After loving Mego's Star Trek line for many years, I must say that I am still very disappointed in the Mugato. The mold is not so bad (actually it's pretty good), but it would have been so easy to make him a coat of fur by taking some cheap fury cloth and stitching up an outfit like the Neptunian's body suit. This is the only one of the bunch that I only care to own on the card because I have no desire to play with this one. Maybe, someday if I find a cheap one, I'll try to customize a coat of fur. Perhaps, I'm being too hard on him and Mego.
Accessories: None
Mego Mugato
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