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Assortment Number: 99788

As early as 1998, rumors had started about the Star Trek Mego figures being reproduced. I thought it seemed unlikely, but in 2007 the reproductions started coming. Within two years, twelve of the fourteen Star Trek Megos were reproduced, and three new figures were introduced. Will there be more to come?

This is a page that I never expected to write. In 2007 and 2008, three 'mini-waves' of Star Trek Mego reproductions were released with the EMCE label. These waves included reproductions of the originally very hard to find Andorian and Romulan. After the success of these three waves, four more waves and an exclusive figure were also released in 2008 and 2009. The most exciting thing about the last waves were that three of these figures were not reproductions but actually new characters. Also the Gorn was remolded to look more like the character from the episode. Rumors state that Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand, and Harry Mudd may follow in future waves. The only estimates in production size that I have heard of is that Wave 1 contained about 2,000 of each figure, and each wave increased in size until approximately 10,000 of each figure were produced in Wave 7. Khan was produced in the 4,000 range.

Wave 1Kirk and Klingon
Wave 2Spock and Andorian
Wave 3McCoy and Romulan
Wave 4Scotty and The Keeper
Wave 5Uhura and Mugato
Hastings and Planet-X ExclusiveKhan
Wave 6Chekov and Cheron
Wave 7Sulu and Gorn

Only the new figures are introduced below.

KhanStock No

The Khan figure was a welcomed addition to 8" Mego figures. The figure's likeness to actor Ricardo Monteban is good but not excellant. The Prototype on the back of the package and the picture of Khan on the front of the card show Khan in his outfit with the higher collared shirt, but the actual figure has the v-neck red shirt from the episode. The material of his outfit is also very thin. Khan's card is unique to this figure, although the card is merely a modified version of the second EMCE series card. On the front of the card, Khan's image is included on top, and text is move around and altered for this exclusive figure. The back of the card includes Khan between the Gorn and Cheron. "Star Trek.com" is reduced to show "Hasting" and "Planet-X" which were the companies which offered this exclusive. Overall, it's a good figure and the first new 'Mego-mold' in decades.
Accessories: None
Retro Mego Khan
ChekovStock No

The first crewmember in over thirty years is a good but not excellent sculpt. It fits nicely with the original crew Megos.
Accessories: Blue Phaser, Blue Communicator, Blue Tricorder, and Black Accessory Belt

Picture to Come

SuluStock No

Like Scotty, Sulu looks extremely young like he looked in 'Where No Man Has Gone Before". The eyes of the Prototype on the back of the box are drawn awfully big, but this was apparently fixed during production. Sulu finished off the Mego bridge staff, and Star Trek Mego fans were certainly happy to get this one.
Accessories: Blue Phaser, Blue Communicator, Blue Tricorder, and Black Accessory Belt

Picture to Come

GornStock No

The new Gorn looks great but there are faults to be found. The eyes are painted a solid color instead of the interesting dotted pattern. The outfit also looks cheap compared to the prototype on the back of the package. The mold is very good except that the proportion of the head is a little too small in relation to the body. The legs and feet are particularly nice. Overall, the Gorn looks alot like the CGI Gorn from Star Trek: Enterprise episode 'Through a Mirror Darkly'. Although I find many things wrong with the Gorn, It is so much better than the original Mego Gorn. If the original had looked as good as this, it would certainly have been as well received as the Romulan and Andorian.
Accessories: None

Picture to Come

Coming in 2011...

Captain Pike
The Salt Creature
Nurse Chapel
The Orion Animal Woman

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