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Mego Disease Cure

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Mego disease is probably a fungus. It is thought that it is caused by some of the materials Mego used in the manufacture of their later figures. Some people say that light and humidity causes Mego disease. Perform this procedure at your own risk. I hear this works, though. This should also work with non-Trek Mego with Mego disease. When I get some images of affected figures, I will add them on this page. Special thanks to Mike Jimenez for this information. (Go to Mego 12.5 inch Page)

Items needed:
  • Pencil
  • Yellow Plasti-dip (available in hardware stores),
  • Tire Wet, (available in auto part stores)
  • Paintbrush, Aluminum Foil and Paint thinner (only if your doing a head with actual hair)
  • Process:
    1 Take the head off the body and jam a pencil up into it to hold it.
    2 Spray the head down with Tire Wet making sure that it is completely covered especially the painted areas. Do not wipe off any excess it should be really soaked with the stuff.
    3 Stir the Plasti-dip and dip the head in, holding it with the pencil. Leave it in for a few seconds and pull it out. At first the Plasti-dip will barely stick to the head, it will slide off. Keep dipping until it sticks to entire head.
    4 Hang it to dry for about two hours and then peal off the Plasti-dip. You'll see a very small change in color or none at all.
    5 Repeat the process about 5 times or until all the grey is gone and the head is back to its natural color. If you're doing a head with hair like Invisible Girl you have to alter the process a little: Cover the hair with aluminum foil to protect it. Use the brush to coat the painted areas with Tire Wet. (Important) Only coat the painted areas (there is a reason why you don't coat the whole face.) Use another brush to coat the unpainted areas with Plasti-Dip. When those areas become tacky glob some Plasti-Dip on the eyes and mouth. Peel when dry and repeat entire process about 5 times.