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USS Enterprise Action PlaysetStock No
Not much of a likeness of the Bridge or Engineering, but the tranporter is fun, the captain's chair looks right, and it's better than the Classic Bridge Playmates made. Of special note is the fact that this Bridge Playset was also available as the "USS Enterprise Action Gift Set" with Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and the Klingon with a different stock number (51217) and a slightly different box.
Mego Enterprise Playset
Enterprise Action Playset
Gamma VI
Transporter Room (Palitoy)
The British got the best part of the Enterprise playset. I don't know whether Palitoy is Mego in Britain or if it is the name of the company that distributed the Transporter in Britain. You just spin and push the button and the 8" figure appears or disappears.
Mego (Palitoy) Transporter Playset
STTMP Bridge
Mission to Gamma VI
This is the Romulan of the Playsets, in that they are very difficult and expensive to find (especially complete, since they have lots of little parts); however, it is also the "Neptunian" of the Playsets, because there is no Gamma VI in the Star Trek. It is also the Mugato of the Playsets, because it is very stupid. Although considering it's rarity, it is fun to have. I have heard collectors speculate that this is the rarest of all Mego Star Trek toys (although, my bet is on the Planetarium).
Mego Mission to Gamma VI Playset
Gamma VI
ST:TMP Bridge
This one is suppose to be rare, but not as expensive as Gamma VI. I have never seen one, except this picture of the box that I found on the internet. It goes with the 3.75 inch figures.
ST:TMP Playset
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